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Private Music Lessons In Your Home.

Providing exceptional piano, guitar and voice lessons in the convenience of your home!


About Nancy Brownstein Music

Nancy Brownstein Music has been providing exceptional music instruction in the greater Washington area since 1985. All instructors are hand-selected for their experience, expertise and musical training to provide quality instruction, creating the next generation of musicians! Founder and owner Nancy has been performing music professionally since 1971.  She has performed at such places as the Kennedy Center, the Autotrain and has even played with Stevie Wonder!


Our qualified music instructors teach all levels of piano, from the basics through advanced study. Beginning piano includes the following concepts--reading music and rhythm exercises such as counting orally and clapping . As students progress, we incorporate popular music, theory or continue with our more traditional approach with concentration on scales and technique. We always tailor the instruction to the students' expertise in various areas of study.


Our voice instruction covers beginning breathing exercises plus vocal warmups, in addition to enunciation practice incorporating tongue twisters and other examples of articulation practice. Ordinarily we focus on this exclusively with younger students as the voice can be damaged by study too intense for their age. Choral experience is encouraged (for example, singing in church choir) while participating in private vocal lessons. These lessons will hopefully facilitate acquiring audition techniques in order to hopefully eventually participate in school plays, which provides a rewarding experience for the student. 


We teach the basics of beginning guitar at the onset of private lessons. After initial concepts have been successfully mastered, our teachers then can veer off to specialized instruction in either classical study (Bach, Chopin studies) versus popular music. We will eventually graduate to electric guitar if we're moving towards the student eventually entering into joining a band.

Professional Performance

Singing or playing an instrument in a band is a fantastic experience for a middle or high school students! Participating in this provides an exceptional opportunity to further musical instruction. Performing in a band for a school play is a wonderful adjunct to previous private lessons! The socialization aspect plus the musical component provide a fuller instruction vehicle. Private lessons have provided the groundwork for offering advanced talent to the band. In addition, participation in the school band or orchestra is fun plus enriches the music in a high school setting. One important concept learned in private lessons is reading ahead. This helps immeasurably in reading, math and virtually any subject studied in school.


See what our clients are saying about our amazing teachers and lessons!

"My daughter has had a beautiful singing voice since just a toddler. Getting her to sing for others, however, was next to impossible. Nancy's incredibly talented and extremely gentle vocal teacher was able to gradually coach Melissa to sing through her shyness. The results have been astounding. She's now willing to audition for school plays. We're thrilled with Nancy's company!"
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